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Brodit Holder f. Cable Attachment do Apple (514181)

Brodit Holder f. Cable Attachment do Apple (514181)

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514181 Holder f. Cable AttachmentFor use with Parrot MK9000-series. With tilt swivel. Padded.The choice for you who use a Parrot MK9000 with your iPhone 4. You easily attach the Parrot-cable to the holder. It then connects automatically to the iPhone when you put it in the holder, so you do not have to connect the Parrot cable it manually each time. The holder fits only for Parrot MK9000 Compare the connector in the picture with the connector on your cable in order to find the correct holder. (Cable not included) Keep your iPhone in a holder on the road and you will always have it within easy sight and reach. Safe, comfortable and convenient! The holder has a neat and discreet design which blends well with the vehicle&apos,s interior. Your iPhone is held securely in place in an upright position for maximum cellular reception. The holder is made of ABS plastic and is padded. This means it has a plush coating which is extra protective for your device. The holder has a perfect fit. It is easy to put the device into the holder, and just as easy to take it with you when leaving the vehicle. The holder fits for iPhone without skin and without Apple original Bumper (does NOT fit for iPhone with skin or Apple original Bumper). The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can adjust the angle of your device in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. You can tilt the holder 22° in each direction and turn it 360°. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.Item no. 514181 fits:Apple iPhone 4 You install the product like this…

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